Experiencing His Love

Great word from David at our CR.
“A man who only opposes the sin in his heart for fear of shame among men or of eternal punishment from God would practice the sin if there was no punishment attending it.  How does this differ from living in the practice of the sin?! 
Those who belong to Christ, and are obedient to the Word of God, have…
(1) the death of Christ (for their sin),
(2) the love of God,
(3) the detestable nature of sin,
(4) the preciousness of communion with God, and
(5) a deep-rooted hatred of sin as sin
to oppose to all the workings of lust in their hearts.” John Owen 
Which of these five things do I not appreciate? 
Which do I take for granted?
Which do I believe to not be true for me?
In my recovery walk with God, I confess – I have failed to appreciate Jesus’ death on my behalf and His amazing love in spite of my ungratefulness – failed to appreciate that while I was yet a sinner, He died for my sin so that I could experience Abba’s love.  I have failed to believe that God loves me 24-7.  I’ve believed the lies of the enemy that say that I have to earn my Father’s love, when His word says the absolute opposite.  I have believed the deception that certain sins aren’t nearly as detestable to God as others – not taking into account that any sin of any “size” and “shape” nailed my Savior to the cross.  I have forfeited the pleasure of communion with my Lord for communion with everything under the sun imaginable that seemed more interesting at the time.  And, I have failed to truly hate sin for what it really is – the highest form of rebellion against a holy, loving, merciful, gracious Lord.
The love of God for me
prompted the death of Christ for me
so that I can have precious communion with the Trinity,
illuminating the detestable nature of sin in me
and fertilizing my hatred for it in my life. 
That’s amazing.  That’s salvation.
Thank you, Lord.
David, CR Asst ministry Leader


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