Hold On, Spring Is Coming

Think for a moment of a tree's leaves in the fall? They are beautiful especially in  the south where I live.
The only thing bad about it is they eventually fall off the tree leaving the tree bare. There is always a lot of clean up to take place after the fall of the leaves.
In life there are times of incredible beauty and things seem to be going along on all cylinders. Life is beautiful! Then something breaks and/or we experience the effects of "The Fall". It can be messy with lots of clean up.
This is followed by a tough season of winter in our life and it can seem like an eternity in this season of difficult times. 

The hope is that Spring is just around the corner and we must hold on cause new beginnings and change are coming as we surrender to Him daily. He can and will turn fallen leaves and coldness into beautiful new buds of fruit.
It is the season of fallen leaves and cold valley's that must happen to appreciate His new life of spring. The fruit that comes out of a tough season of trusting Him tastes sweet.

We are either in the middle of a hard season, coming out of one, or getting ready to go into one. 
No matter what season you are in keep your faith and trust in Him.

"Earth's fairest flowers grow not on sunny plain, but where some cast upheaval tore in twain
The smiling land. After the whirlwind's devastating blast, and molten lava, fire and ashes fall, God's still small voice breathes healing over all.
And angels tend God's plants when night falls still, and the Beloved passing by the way, will gather lilies at the break of day." J.H.D.

Remember, true peace in our trials is the invitation & presence of our Creator in our heart & struggle. 

"Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing." 2 Cor 6:10
What season do you find yourself in today?

Rodney Holmstrom


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