Yesterday's Bread...

There is an old saying, "He who is not satisfied with himself will not grow." There is truth to that as I need to be happy in my own skin as God created me. He calls His creation good. However, this also got me to thinking that I don't need to be content with where I am in my growth though. Have you ever been in a great spot with the Lord, feeling like you are in that strike zone with quiet time, reading His word. Better yet, u are applying it to your life. Pretty sweet spot isn't it? But then, like me, have u been guilty of riding those days out in the days to follow without seeking Him in quiet time? Ouch! Yeah I have been guilty too. Not surprising though cause it is easy for me to want to take over as ruler, playing God in my life when things are going well. "I got this Lord" thoughts kick in. I am learning thru CR though that if I want to stay on track with God I have to make communication with Him a daily & top priority. I cannot live on yesterday's bread. I am created to hunger and thirst and if I don't fill it with Him, then I will with something else. Then I am in big trouble. It is thru His Word that He speaks, guides and yes even protects. Can you imagine going into a battle with nothing but the clothes on our back? Seems silly and yet that is exactly what I am doing when I leave the home without spending time with Him. In order for me to have true peace in my heart and mind, I must invite Him into my day. True peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of Righteousness, that is a person in Jesus Christ. We will face conflicts all day but His peace reigns inside us cause we "put on the Full Armor of God."Eph 6:10. Spend time with Him today. He loves His job as a Mentor.  Thank you, Rodney Holmstrom


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