Wash In The Pool

Often when I mow my grass I end up with a ton of black dirt in my eyes, nose, mouth and ears. My back yard is a weed fest, littered with dirt. I am a scary sight after I get done. But when I wash up afterward, what an amazing feeling. Nothing better than getting clean after a time in the dirt. It's the same way in my recovery. For so long I walked around with my heart stained with blackness. Everything I breathed in, consumed, listened to, and even allowed my eyes to see brought blackness into my life. I was walking blind with no purpose. In the book of John we see a man describing what had happened after his washing from the Father. Someone asked him, "how were your eyes opened"? Then the man said, "(glad you asked!)Jesus put some anointed clay on my eyes and then... told me to 'go wash in the pool'...So I went and washed and I received sight"Jn 9:11 Did you catch that? He was a blind mess and then in obedience, he "went" and then "received". Wow! That hit me between the eyes this AM. My recovery is messy, life is messy, but in order to become clean as freshly fallen snow, to "gain" and then "keep" the right sight, I must follow His plan. He wants to wash me clean daily. Is He calling you to the pool today? What is holding you back? Recovery is worth the messiness. He turns ashes into beauty. It just takes one step, the 1st step to get going. I am grateful that I finally listened to His voice.  There is nothing like being cleaned up after a time in the dirt.  Rodney Holmstrom


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