Made Anew

There is an old ancient proverb that says: "If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed." Very true! In fact that was the story of my life. I was miserable as a husband and dad as a young man early in my marriage. I was not living a life for Christ and although I had stopped the drugs, was still drinking some in moderation to mask some deep wounds from my past. I was looking for happiness in things and people instead of the Father. As I reflected on my time with my son last night, it was humbling to think about what grace I have been given. There was no longer a little boy sitting across from me at the table at dinner, but a young man. I get overwhelmed to think about what could have been but then remember, I need to stay away from the would of, could of, should of's. The truth is, early as a dad, I was not what I should have been and though I was not drugging, I poured myself into ridiculous hours at work and that became my new coping skill. Last night I saw a young man breaking a cycle of dysfunction. I am grateful that Christ came back into my life in a very real way and I was able to let go of the setbacks and disappointments from my past. Because I was able to start experiencing love from the Father in a real way, I was then able to give love to those around me in a real and genuine way. By doing this I am able to look at the incredible promises of God shine bright. Last night, sitting across the table, I saw one of those special promises in the flesh, my dear son. God did as He promised and restored the years the locusts had eaten and made me anew. As it has been said, "The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." This morning my heart is full of gratitude for Him giving me the strength to take that 1st step and for the new life, future, and family He has blessed me with. This morning I hang onto the promises of God. I am reminded of what my response is and should be to His blessings, and that is to love well. Starting 1st with the Father, my wife and kids and then my community and Church. "Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."1Cor 13:7. Thank You Father for giving me the forever family u have put around me. Rodney If you would like more information about Celebrate Recovery, contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or


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