Ways I Get Stuck

One of the Seven Ways We Get Stuck (lesson 25) is that we go too fast! We try to speed through our recovery and be on to the next thing. We skip over important steps, like sharing our inventory, stepping out of denial, admitting we are powerless. I was reading in Joshua about the time after Moses died when God brought His people into the promise land and there were several verses that made me think about lesson 25. Just as God had parted the Red Sea when He brought them out of Egypt, in order to get to the place God promised them they also had to go through a river, the Jordan. It doesn’t get as much publicity as the Red Sea parting, but God did the same for this next generation of people who weren’t born in Egypt, but who were born in the transition… he spilled the water (during flood season), and they walked across on dry land. After they got to the other side they had specific instructions to be circumcised. They had a literal example of cutting the old ways out of their life (yikes) and stepping into the new ways where God’s promises are. In chapter 5 verse 8 it reads… ‘and after the whole nation had been circumcised, they were in the camp until they were healed.’ I love that it doesn’t say, and ‘after the old had been cut away, they rushed out and took over the city of Jericho’… instead it reads… “they were in the camp until they were healed.” Had they eagerly rushed out instead of staying for a period of healing, there is a good chance they would not have had the strength or stamina to walk around the walls of Jericho and overtake the city. God has BIG plans for us. Breaking down walls and stepping into our promises is no small task. If we rush in to it without healing, we could not only land back in the dessert of dry isolation and loneliness, but we could also hurt people along the way. Remember, it’s a process, and in God’s timing AFTER our time of healing (in step study, in large group, in open share)… God will deliver HIS promises to us. Just thought I would share this with you. Have a blessed day Angela, another changed life


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