What Are You Addicted To?

What are you addicted to? The truth is that we are all addicted to something. We know the obvious ones such as drugs, alcohol, sex, food. Some we don't think about is drama, bitterness, resentment, anger. It can feel so right to hold on to those things doesn't it? I know in my life I was a professional addict when it came to bitterness or resentment toward those who wronged me. Even as recent as yesterday I felt this rejection from a brother on a decision I made that proved to be a foolish mistake. I could feel myself getting angry cause this guy was basically saying, "I can't believe you could be so stupid". At least that was what I was hearing. Lol. In the past it felt so right to hold onto it and yet, little did I know it was destroying me like poison to my soul. When I live in this way, I am allowing the enemy to become a ruler in my heart. “Flies never visit an egg that has no crack." The best way to keep the flies away in my life and the Spirit present, is to remove those things that quench the spirit. I am learning thru CR that my bitterness doesn't hurt "them" but only myself, making me miserable and unable to fulfill His purpose for my life. So today, God is telling me even in this recent conflict, "Let it go Rodney. I have bigger things for you to spend your energy on." ok God, I hear ya. “If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit."Gal5.25 For more information about Celebrate Recovery, contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or roholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org


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