Doors Slamming In Your Face?

Have you had a few doors slam in your face? You know, where you were confident that this was the way you were supposed to go and then at the last second the door closes? Yeah me too. Can be a little embarrassing huh? I can remember in those times feeling so discouraged and feeling like, "God, what gives? I really thought this was Your plan for me but now..." It is in those times that I can allow "fear" to start creeping back in, paralyzing me from taking another step. Then, in fear ruling my life, I can forget that He still has a plan for me, it just looks different than I thought. I am learning thru CR that I don't have to live with fear or discouragement. "God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, & of love, & of sound mind." 2Tim 1:7 So, even though a door closes on me in life, I don't need to become discouraged. Why? Because it may create some unnecessary fear that will prevent me later from walking with great confidence and strength thru the next door God opens for me. Walk in & with His power today. No matter what obstacles you face, know that He has another door for you coming, just "keep walking" in His love, power and sound mind, having great confidence that He will make a way. Our God is in control.  Thank you, Rodney Holmstrom


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