Let Christ Turn Up The Sound

Hearing about it and experiencing it are two different things.
Have you ever noticed when watching TV with no sound that the captions just don't do the trick? For example, is someone is singing; instead of hearing the power of the lyrics and song together our self, we see on the screen, [�� choir singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot]
It's just not the same is it?
In my walk with Christ it is the same way. I can listen to other people talk about it and even read about it in scriptures which will of course bring me hope, but until I surrender and seek Christ for myself, it might as well just be words on a caption. I won't fully understand His healing power, unconditional love, sweet serenity, and internal joy until I fully step out and taste it for myself.
To experience it myself is so much better. 
“[God,] satisfy us with your love in the morning, so we can shout and be glad in each of our days - Psalm 90:14 MSG 
Only God can satisfy that hunger and thirst we all have in life. If you haven't experienced it, I invite you to surrender to Him. If you have experienced it, shout it out and be glad in it.
Have a wonderful day!


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