Gas Tank Low?

I was leaving my morning appointment at Village Inn this morning and it happened. You know that moment when you look down at your gas gauge and it is sitting below empty!! "No problem, I will just hit the gas station two buildings down from the restaurant. DOH!?!" It's closed?!?!

No problem, I will hit the next exit down and go to Pinnacle Station Gas Station. "Lord, just get me to the gas station and all will be well...."
I coast into the station no problem. One problem, I notice all the pumps have white grocery bags wrapped around the pump handles. What is this all about?  "Sorry, all our pumps are down" says the clerk. So I ask her, "Where is the closest gas station from here?" "Oh only about a mile away", she replies with great confidence.
I don't think I have a mile left in my tank.
(Side bar, isn't interesting when you are trying to get somewhere how every light feels like an eternity?) I get to the next light, I see the gas station in the distance, every second of my car running feels like it might end any second. "Please Lord, let me get there"
Guess what, I coasted into my spot and made it.

I was thinking about this and how it relates to my own spiritual journey. Sometimes I can let my own tank get too close to empty and might even be fortunate enough to make it thru a crisis. But, it is not something to be playing around with is it? I could have easily ran out of gas and then where would that have left me? Major consequences. I can go a little ways with my tank sitting on E, but eventually it will catch up with me. I must be better prepared and pay attention to my gauge and keep my tank full. Otherwise, I am not going anywhere.

I must make sure I reserve that daily time with God for self examination, bible reading and prayer in order to keep my tank full.

"Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly." Col 3:16

Rodney Holmstrom


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