Denial Busted=Healthy Progress

"I don't do that. Sorry, that's just not me." 
It has been an interesting the last couple of weeks as I have been dealing with some old character defects that were trying to creep back in.
If I find myself in a standstill in my growth process, I have to ask myself, "is there anything I am in denial about right now?"

The key is that I listen to the Holy Spirit when he taps me on the shoulder: "Rodney, do you have a strong need to be in control of your life? Do you overreact if things don't go your way? Do you take action impulsively without considering an alternative way to handle a crisis?"
The old me would have brushed it to the side. The new me knows better and hits them head on with God's help.
I love how the stunted growth thru my denial turns into progress as I face my defects head on, one day & one defect at a time.
"...He brought me out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains." Ps 107:14

How is your spiritual growth these days? Maybe you are like me and had to search inside your heart asking the Father what might be creeping in as denial. Time for a tune up?

Take the Father's hand. He will lead you out of the cave we have been comfortably dwelling. He won't waste that darkness but use it for His glory. Now that's something to celebrate today.
Hope to see you at CR!
Fellow life struggler, 
Rodney Holmstrom


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