Jesus said, "Where did they go?"

Then Jesus said, "OK Now Hold UP!" Ok, maybe those weren't His exact words but I bet if He said them today that would be close to it.
He had just healed 10 men of a horrible sickness, leprosy and out of the ten, only one came back to Jesus praising God in a loud voice, throwing himself down at His Healers feet.
Jesus' response? (paraphrased from Luke 17:17-18) "Ok, now hold up, I know there were ten people I healed a little bit ago and now I only see nine. All these men found healing and yet no one returned to give God praise except for this one guy?"

How often do we do that in our life? We desperately seek the Father in time of need and believe He is the best thing since sliced bread. But then if and when we get what we want, then we can be tempted to take our blessings and run for the hills to celebrate our new life... without Him.

There is an old saying, "you cant keep it unless you give it away." What has God done in your life?  How are you showing Him that you are grateful? Are you being a blessing to others? If we are not serving others and Him, are we really saying thank You? The only way to stay on the right track is to keep giving it away to others.

Where can you start giving back for what He has done for you?
Have a great day.
Rodney Holmstrom


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