Learning In The Desert

Reading this morning in OT about Moses in the desert and how scary that must have been for him. Alone, scared and feeling like God may have left him. Ever been there? Are u there now? I can remember getting the note from my wife a long time ago saying, "our relationship is over". That threw me into a desert of my own. I was scared, alone and feeling like God had left me. What I realized though was God speaks to me the most in my desert moments. If I had not experienced that desert moment, I would not have been able to hear from God and grow. As painful as that desert moment was for me, it was what I needed at that time in my life. I learned thru that desert moment what God desired from a man and leader of his home. By the grace of God, my wife gave me another chance to lead like a man should lead and we have been married for almost 20 years now. :) You know the beautiful thing about the story of Moses being in the desert? As Moses heard His Father's voice like never before, for 4 decades, God was preparing him to lead others, the Israelites, right back into the very desert he just came out of. Wow! Isn't that crazy!? 2 Cor 1:4 "He (God) comforts us in all our troubles "so that" we can comfort others." God never wastes a hurt. If you are in a desert right now, get ready, cause God is getting ready to speak to you in big ways and grow you. In ways you can never imagine. He may be preparing you to lead others thru the pain or "desert moment" you are experiencing in this very moment. Listen closely. What an honor.


  1. This is really encouraging for I long time I have been wanting to work with our youth but I was running away. The last few years since I have been in Celebrate recovery I have learned alot about myself. My relationship grows stronger ever day with our Lord, I have choose to listen to what he calls me to do and not what I want to do. It's sometimes hard seeing the good of God when we are in our desert somehow he strenghtens us.


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