Great Good Friday

Well, it’s Good Friday. Imagine the faces you will see tonight. Imagine those that might come just because it’s Good Friday.
Imagine what impact we “get to” be a part of tonight. We “get to” point people to a Savior that died for them and us. Peter wrote in Corinthians, "Christ, our passover (Lamb), is sacrificed for us." This means that our sins have been justified and passed over by God Himself. This is a time many Christians choose to honor the sacrifice Christ made for us... me included.
With that great truth, tonight we get to interact with people that may have been running away from God and now are choosing to run back to the Father, their Master that loves them as much as He does us dearly.
I read a story that Author David Redding wrote recently that spoke to my heart. Paraphrased it goes like this:

There was a guy returning from the Navy that had missed his dog Teddy, a big, black Scottish shepherd. Teddy was his best friend and would do anything for him. He would wait for him when he would return from school. He slept behind him, and when he whistles he ran to him even if he was eating. At night no one could get within a half mile of their home cause he was so protective. Teddy was with this serviceman all the time. You can imagine what it was like when this man had to leave to go away to the war in World War II. So tough.
How do you explain to someone who loves you that you are leaving him and will not be chasing woodchucks with him tomorrow like always.
So, coming home that first time from the Navy was something he could scarcely describe. As he walked home from the bus stop, about a ½ mile out, Teddy, gave his regular warning bark upon hearing a noise. So the serviceman gave out his whistle only once. The barking stopped. There was a yelp of recognition, and he knew that the big black form was hurling toward his master in the darkness. Almost immediately he was there in his masters arms.
What a great picture of a loving embrace.

Tonight, many people will be hurling toward their Master in the darkness, longing for a loving embrace. Wow! What a privilege! We know that they will receive that loving embrace.
I can’t think of a better group of people to celebrate our Savior and our Lord with while serving other hurting people.
Happy Easter Forever Family!

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  1. really sweet . . . I can imagine it! My giant Airedale Jack for some reason thinks I am the greatest person in the world . . .hope I can live up to him!


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