I Can Fix This Myself....

Ever been in that place where you thought you were in control of what was happening around you? You know that moment where you say, "I got this Lord!" Reading in Acts 7, the familiar story of Moses being told thru the eyes of Stephen. As I was reading this story I see how Moses saw a "need" and thought it was his place to "deal with it" without Gods will. He murdered expecting to be a hero. The most compelling part of this story to me though is in Acts 7:25 where it reads "Moses "assumed" the Israelites would understand God sent him to rescue them....but they didn't" oops....
Here's the thing, God didn't and things ended up a mess for him.
In recovery, we have to come to a place where we understand that there is a God and we are not it. This road called life is difficult enough with God running my life, I don't need to complicate things more and end up back where I was early in my life and recovery.
It is only when we surrender to Him as our higher power that we begin to see change take place in our life. A change that brings new life and new breath. I am reminded today to make sure I don't get out ahead of God and that I never forget that it is God that is in charge of my life, not me. It is easy for me to keep the mentality of wanting to pull myself up by my own boot straps only to realize that I only make it worse when I do that.
Who is running your life today? Are you still trying to play God in your life? Maybe it's time to try something different. His way is always better....I promise!

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  1. So relatable. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement that recovery is a process not an end point.


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