Take it to the Lord in prayer

Hebrews 4:14-16: Now that we know we have Jesus the Great High Priest, with ready access to God -- let’s not let it slip through our fingers. We do not have a priest who is out of touch with reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all --all but sin. So let’s walk right up to Him and get what He is so ready to give. Take the mercy, accept the help. ( The Message )
When the big things happen in our life, like death, disaster, disease touch your life it seems like it is easier to take these things to God and depend upon Him and to know that He is with us and will never forsake or leave us. What about the smaller things that happen in your life -- the things that you think are to small to take to God? A lost dog, a flat tire, grouchy bosses, small fights, toothaches, a dented fender, just the simple things of life. Really -- do you think these things matter to God? Listen, He has a whole universe to run. He has stars to take care of, planets to maintain, heaven and earth to take care of, world events to manage, famine, wars, disasters, so many things to watch over and take care of. Big deal, so I have a toothache or a small worry, right? Who do we think that we are? Do you have times when you are reluctant to go to Jesus with the small needs and concerns in your life? Why? How does it feel during the times that you have carried your burdens alone? Jesus is just as concerned with the small things in our lives as He is the big things. He is our Daddy and He loves us. We are Co-Heirs with Christ. We are eternal -- like the angels. We have crowns that will last forever. We are Holy Priests--Cherished Possessions. We were chosen before the creation o f the world. We are destined to be a Holy People to the Lord our God. Greater than that, we are His children--not anyone’s children. We are called, “ The Children of God.” We are His and He is our Daddy. Don’t shake your head and say “ not me -- Billy Graham and Mother Teresa -- those are His children.” Yes, they are His children also, but if you are a believer and have that personal relationship with God, then you too, are a child of the Most High God.
He considers our weaknesses, and knows every detail about us. Some things we don’t even know ourselves. He upholds us by His great power, He is faithful. He knows our infirmities, failures, and every time we have a problem or hurt or need help. We are the ones who place importance on what to bring to the feet of the Lord and what not to. God thinks that everything is important when it comes to His children. Talk to Him and tell Him - He won’t think it is too small or silly. It I worth talking about to Him. He understands everything. How do you feel when you have given Him the big things in your life? Why not give Him the small things. ( Surrendering all things to Him ) We can always come before the Throne with anything. Our Father wants to hear every detail of our life -- especially the small things. While living here on earth, He cried out to His Daddy about the events and things going on in His life. So, let me ask you, “ what small insignificant things are you not taking to the Lord? Why are you holding them back?” Stop holding back -- if it matters to you, it really matters to Jesus.
Loving Father: you know everything about us. There is nothing that we can hide or hold back from you. I think that it breaks Your heart as you watch us agonize over even the smallest things. Because of our pride, we don’t think some things are important enough to bring to you. What needless pain and suffering- because we do not bring it all to you. Teach us to be totally open and honest with You--not for your benefit, but for ours. Thank you our sweet, sweet Father. Amen.
As you walk on this journey of life this week, tell God every little thing that is bothering you-- it is important to Him and matters. Have a blessed week. Janice CR FBC NW Arkansas Encourager Coach-Team


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