Sound of Silence

Do you ever just get tired of hearing all the noise? If you go somewhere to eat, there are televisions stationed in different areas or some type of music playing plus the noise of all the people talking and laughing. Some stores have loud and obnoxious music playing. My grand daughter loves it. We happened to be in a store one time that was playing that loud and obnoxious music. My grand daughter started dancing and she said, “ come on MeMe, dance.“ There was a couple behind me who heard what she had said, and they said, “ yeah MeMe, dance.” What they did not realize was, I could hardly wait to get out of there. Ecclesiastes 4:6 --better one handful of tranquility -- yeah!!
That thought came to my mind in a strange way just last week. Psalm 46:10 -- Be still and know that I am God. I was at work and we were getting ready to get together for a conference call to explain a new program that was being implemented in our office. My lips were extremely dry and I took a few minutes to put some lip gloss on before the meeting. I ran it over my lips, and pressed my lips back and forth to smooth it out. It felt like glue and it did not want to smooth out very well. I thought to myself that I needed to buy a new tube because this one was getting old. I went to put the top back on the tube and much to my surprise, I had picked up the glue stick that I keep on my desk and had put that on my lips. The lip gloss was setting right beside my glue stick. I picked up the wrong one!!! I thought to myself, “ Lord is this what you mean when you say, be still and know that I am God?”
God wants to speak to you in the silence of your heart. Are you letting the noisiness of your day cut into the time that He wants you to spend in silence before Him? You do not have to neglect the necessities of life to be silent before God. Five or ten minutes can refresh you and empower you to tackle what needs to be done with more grace. You can drive to and from work or do your errands with the radio off. Create small moments of silence through out your day, and you will discover that you do not need to sit in a majestic cathedral to enjoy the sweetness of peace and quiet. Setting aside this quiet time for prayer and meditation, you will discover the good that God has for those who seek Him. Try it and see if you do not feel refreshed and rested. Your body needs that time of quiet also. Constant noise can also weigh you down mentally. Silence allows your body to relax from the daily stress and distractions. Parents of small children sometimes feel like they can’t have those times. If you can’t seem to find the time, when the children are in bed, the dog has finally found the right place to lay down, mediate in silence of the darkness in room in your bed. Be creative -- if you want to bad enough, you will be able to find that place. Seek God in the silent fragrance of a garden of flowers. Enjoy the majestic silence of the trees, or just sitting on the patio in your yard.
God wants to re-new your spirit -- I think silence is a required nutrient for the spirit. Allow the silence to wrap around you like a soft protective cover -- giving you room to breathe, time to think and space for your spirit to expand.
Father: our minds are running at a very fast pace most of the time. We long for those moments of silence. Quietness and stillness of the soul. Divine silence-- a time to listen and to just let you fill our minds taking advantage of those little times in the business of the day. Father show us how we can be creative in creating these short times through out the day. Give us times of spiritual and mental refreshment throughout the day. We love you Father and are thankful for all that you give us and all that you do for us. Amen.
As you walk on your journey called life this week -- take the time to draw closer to God and rest your spirit by finding little spots in your day to just be silent. Have a great week.
Janice CR FBC- Encourager Coach - TEAM.


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