Oh my aching pride

Have you ever at one point in your life, ever have an “aha moment?” An “aha moment” is a certain time something is made very clear to you. It could be something that you have been thinking about and did not understand or it could be something new that just became a reality. Ask, Seek, Knock--Matt. 7:7. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just don’t get it. There is that something- something not right, but I can’t put my finger on it. If I knew what it was I could take care of it -I just didn’t get it.
Pride-- have you ever experienced it? It has many ways of disguising itself. Me, prideful? I just couldn’t see it in me. Pride-one of the seven deadly sins, selfish, leads to downfalls, judgment, looking down on others, selfish with what we have, and forcing our solutions on other’s problems? When God presents you with something like that, what do you do? Look up all the verses you can on pride to get a clear picture of it? Pride leads to shame, it starts arguments and it can ruin friendships. It leads to punishment and destruction. I keeps you from finding Christ. Pride is not a gift from God. I thought about ” How do I respond when someone confronts me about some sin I am guilty of?” “Am I on the defense, do I try to blame someone else? Am I making excuses.” “ I asked myself where am I being prideful--I just can’t see it.” Over and over again I read and prayed and just couldn’t see it or get it.” Pride - it kept coming up in my thoughts --”Where am I being prideful?” At the end of the day, I usually take the time to go over my day for a little self examination to show me the wrong things I did, things that I could do better and if there was anything that I needed to mop up or ask for forgiveness for, and to keep it balanced-the things that I did well. So far, nothing about pride. Pride leads to disobedience. It is unloving and unforgiving, selfish, hmmm, I still was not getting it.
I had forgotten about it for a moment. It was about noon at work and I did not have much to do and it was Friday. I wanted to go home. I went to my boss and hemmed hawed around, “ do you have anything you need me to do? I can do this or that. She looked at me and said, rather seriously “ It is okay to ask for what you want without going around in a circle. If you want to go home just say, I want to go home.” I was taken back by her direct statement to me. Being too tenderhearted, I felt the tears begin to well up in my eyes and I
said thank you filled out my slip and went to clock out. On my way out is when I had the “aha moment.” It was that still small voice -- “ You have let your pride stand in the way of asking me for some of the things that you have needed. You have been hem hawing around with me. Just come out and ask. Well, the dam of tears burst. I went out to my car and just sat--asking for forgiveness, and pouring my heart out to the Lord, relinquishing my pride and asking Him for exactly what I needed. Finally, relief, comfort, grace and peace washed over me. I could not meet my needs, I did not even know my needs. Releasing my pride opened the doors for Him to show me.
What is it you are struggling with? Have you ever had an “aha moment?” Keep taking it to God, keep self examining yourself, and keep praying, When the time is right, God will show you things about yourself that you are unable to see. Lift up your heart and thank Him for His love, desire to show you things about yourself you do not realize--and those special moments.
Father, thank you that you care about every detail in our lives. You love us enough to show us things about ourselves that we sometimes can not see. I thank you that whatever way you chose to show us --that your way is perfect. I also thank your for your perfect timing. Whatever thing it is that you are trying to get us to see, keep our eyes open and our hearts receptive to you. Amen.
As you walk on your journey called life -take full advantage of all your “ aha moments” and then thank God for giving them to you. Janice - CR FBC Rogers Encourager Coach-Team


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