I was recently watching our small grandson play his Nintendo game. He had received a new game and had not yet mastered the techniques of playing it yet. I watched as he would start the game and then would lose. He kept trying and trying. I went over and sat down beside him and asked him how he was doing. He said, “ Meme- you can’t get the skills if you don’t do the drills.” There actually was a lot of wisdom in that little statement. Are we that determined? It made me think--how many times I would have rather given up lately instead of keep on trying. What happens when you get frustrated? What happens when you try so hard to be good and stay on the right path, yet you seem to stumble and lose heart--ask yourself what is the use? What about when you see yourself making the same mistakes over and over again? I think being determined is the ability to make a difficult decision and accomplish what needs to be accomplished regardless of the resistance that you may encounter. It is the ability to set ourselves toward all of our pursuits and not allow ourselves to get discouraged or distracted. Psalm 33:15, 119:29-30, II Tim.4:7-8.
Paul is always a good example of determination. He set his heart on running the good race. He said,” I have fought the good fight and I have finished the race and I have kept the faith. Do you remember feeling weak, discouraged and powerless, wanting to give up and most of the time giving up, defeated and hopeless? How determined were you during these times? How easy it was to lose sight of God’s provision, help, mercy, grace and being there with us and for us during these times? Determination and courage go hand in hand. Courage is taking a stand and not being afraid. It comes from God--understanding that we are weak and He is strong and we are able to do all things through Him --He who strengthens us. Courage has to come from God, because men will fail you, hurt you and forsake you, and as we have learned they sometimes even leave us. Then on the opposite side of that coin is determination. It is having a trembling heart that is afraid yet it is set on being determined to continue to try no matter what. It is facing disaster and hurt, digging in when the mess seems hopeless. How about being afraid, and the consequences that fear has had on your life. It is falling down, getting up and still no matter how difficult, pressing on. One more day without a drink, one more day not being afraid, one more minute struggling not to take your eyes of Jesus, one more minute of not thinking of yourself as unworthy and not lovable and so on. How determined are you to press on? How determined are you to live the life that God has for you? How determined are you to continue to travel this journey called life and live as a “new creation” of God? Determination is keeping on sometimes when we don’t see immediate results, yet we continue to depend on God. Determination is persevering when going through trials knowing that God is control over all things. How determined are you to walk with the One who loves you the most? How determined are you to continue to grow in your personal relationship with God? How determined are you to pursue a life of righteousness? How determined are you to let The Most High God pour out His love and blessings on you and over you? You can’t get the skills if you don’t do the drills.
Father: make us a determined people. Make us like Paul. Help us to stay determined to keep our eyes on you. Give us courage and the eyes of faith to see you and the strength to take your hand and to go on no matter what the situation is. When we face the bumps in the road give us the strength and the determination to get up and keep pressing on. Thank you Father for strong arms, your precious love for us and help so that we can press on and overcome. We love and adore you. Amen.
As you walk this journey of life -- how determined are you to do the drills so you can get the skills? Have a blessed week. Janice - CR FBC NW E-Team


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