Purity before marriage

As a man I will guard her purity before marriage by...
1. Living an authentic Christian life in all my
relationships, rather than just to impress her.
2. Learning all I can about her life, rather than just
enough to get what I want.
3. Treating her like a sister or daughter, not a wife.
4. Standing between her virtue and all outside threats.
5. Affirming her character, not her sex appeal.
6. Speaking words of blessing, rather than coercion
and pressure.
7. Recognizing she is under God's protection rather
than my ownership.
8. Spending our time together in public rather than in privacy.
9. Refusing to take advantage of unexpected
10. Serving as her redeemer, not her predator.
11. Doing nothing that would embarrass her if it were known.
12. Following the God-established path to sexual

Remember, marriage is for better for worse for keeps.
From Bob and Cheryl Moeller "marriage Minutes"


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