In the fox hole

Re:Frame Briefing for March 24, 2010
3 Questions to Ask Yourself Today
From Bob Maddocks in Rogers, Arkansas
My favorite Bible Story is from Luke. This is the story of when Jesus was teaching in a man's house and the entire house is full of people, so full that no one else can get inside. A paralytic outside desperately wants to be healed, so somehow 4 other guys are convinced to pick him up and carry him to the house. I find this part of the story interesting since my mental image of a paralytic is someone who probably leads an isolated life. When they arrive at the house, there is no way to get in, the house is full. So they climb up on the roof, somehow remove part of the roof w/o falling in; then lowering the man down w/o dropping him from 8 feet up. When Jesus saw their faith - he says - "Friend you sins are forgiven"
I often ask myself 3 questions,
• If I am the guy on the mat – do I know 4 guys who would carry me?
• If one of my brothers ask for help – am I willing to help?
• If one of my brothers cuts a hole in my roof, what is my reaction?

To really be in a fox hole with another man you need to understand that as long as you keep Jesus in the center of your relationships you will be able to answer these questions.

Love Well – Serve Large – Bless The World!


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