God-Sized Vision

"I am afraid Rodney" These were my mother's words in her final months of her life.

Mom and I had many discussions about her fear of dying.
I remember waking up about 2:00am in her hospital room and hearing my mother's voice.
I looked over at her lying in her hospital bed and saw my mother’s hands raised to the ceiling, eyes closed, as she talked with her Heavenly Father.
She was saying, “Father, I am not afraid anymore. Please take this fear from me and give me Your peace.
I saw a complete peace come over her face as she ended this prayer.

What happened? My mom began believing the truth that God’s power is much greater than her fear that consumed her. He is bigger than any obstacle we may face here on earth.
Here is the thing I can’t miss in this story, & that is her circumstances didn’t change.
She died four months later.
What changed? She changed and her perspective on who was in control of her circumstances changed.
She let go of her fear and had serenity unlike anything I’ve seen before. She died with peace and not despair and misery.

 It is important to have “faith” but it is just as important to have the right “vision”. When you feel tempted to close up in despair and have an ‘earth sized’ vision that leaves you focusing on your problem, remember, God is BIG and He has a ‘God-sized’ plan for you.
Lift up your eyes from the problem toward the Solution, Jesus Christ.
He is better, He is stronger.

Isn’t it great to know we don’t have to carry our stuff nor are we expected to be strong enough to do it? He is our Higher Power and has the power, and desire to help us thru our circumstances.
Hope is believing He can change us and then allowing Him to do it even when our circumstances don’t change.

Have a great day!
Rodney Holmstrom


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