Are You Packing?

Packing my bag for the gym yesterday...
✔ change of clothes 
✔ deodorant 
✔ belt
✔ shoes 
✔ shampoo 
✔ soap

It felt like something was missing...
I get to the gym, workout, take my shower and it hits me what I forgot...
A Bath towel! Doh!!!!
Have you ever dried off using a paper towel? Just not the same.
My daily walk is the same way. At times I can walk out the door without putting on my full armor of God, daily time with God, prayer and meditation. 
Then when I face opposition, trials and struggles, it hits me, DOH! 

In life (recovery) I am learning that sometimes I don't notice the things I should do until I stop doing them. 
Trust me, packing our daily bag for battle is something we don't want to wait until later to see its value.

"The Lord's word is pure" Psalm 18:30.



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