What Is Your Title?

Rodney, the guy from Springdale. Kind of a generic intro huh? Reading in 1 Kings 17 this morning, saw Elijah from verse 1-24 was referred to as "Elijah, the Tishbite" (an unknown little town) but by vs. 24 he had grown and now was a man of God. God commanded Elijah to go into hiding in Cherith, east of the Jordan. (I was able to visit this supposed spot in the Middle East while over there visiting). God wanted him to take a timeout from his normal routine of life and pull himself out of the spotlight. God put him thru training to be able to face the battles of today and tomorrow from the enemy. This got me to thinking about CR and how when people come into this ministry in obedience to deal with their life hurts, sicknesses, habits or maybe hang-ups, God puts us into training. When we can't get past our past junk, CR can be and is a great hiding place. Not "hiding" in the sense of avoiding pain and running from stuff, but hiding in His shadow of healing, growing and rest. This is a time of getting away from in "hiding" the things that satisfy our human pride, ego and/or selfishness. A time of hiding that puts us in a situation of trusting Him to guide us thru the valley we may be in and allowing Him to train and protect us. It is thru this process that we go from being known as the "guy from Springdale" or "woman from Rogers" to getting closer to becoming the "man of God" or "woman of God". I realize now more than ever, this is the boot camp of training and learning is a lifelong process. I am grateful for the people He has put in my life to walk along side in this army of His beloved children, called forever family. So glad He has trained me to not be where I used to be and given me a hope that I am not where I will be. Rodney Holmstrom If you would like to know more about this place of hiding and healing, Celebrate Recovery, contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or roholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org


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