A Glimpse of Jesus Working

Have you ever been in a situation where you see God moving? I mean really working through a process of life change as He captures His child’s heart once again? I had a glimpse of this last Friday Night. I was reminded again that this is where the blessings take place. Both open Discussion and Step Group. In case you may have lost the sense of importance for us as leaders to be in these small groups, let me remind you it is crucial and you bring hope to the newcomer in ways you cannot imagine. I watched 12-15 men in the open discussion group this past Friday, literally holding on with a very thread in many cases to maintain their sobriety and hope in their life.I saw Jesus working right before my eyes as these men shared their heart and soul. And to see their hope when me and another leader shared from our own recovery and how many sobriety years we have, the eyes lit up with hope.Please accept this as an invitation to join us in the open share groups. It is not about you leading the group, although those that do lead it from week to week are very much appreciated. It is, however, about you being present and sharing what Christ has done in your life. If you are in a dry spell in your recovery, join the open share groups and share what you are thankful and then sit back and listen to what God is doing right before our eyes. No matter where you are in your recovery whether day one or day 10,000, your presence and sharing brings hope to others and continued healing to yourself as you share with others. So, if you have been in the habit of skipping out after worship, let’s set a new trend and join our brothers and sisters coming in behind us to find recovery in these small groups. I promise, you will be the one that walks away blessed as I have been in attending and sometimes leading the Substance group for men. Thanks for your continued support and love for this ministry and even more so for our Savior! You are all making a huge difference through your obedience to the Father. Love you all. Have a great week! Rodney. For more information about Celebrate Recovery, contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or roholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org


  1. WE love you bro so very much and I have to say I was so deeply effected Friday night and so was everyone I was around in worship, and small group on a very deep level. God is really doing a work in us and through us being together in the good times and the bad I am finding. THANK YOU for all you do Rodney, and to the leaders in all my groups as well. It is so amazing!!!!

  2. Thank you to all those who went before me as I came into recovery. I remember how hard it was for me to get the words out of my mouth regarding the pain, abuse, and inability to stop the recurring behaviors as one recovering from childhood emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse. Week after week, I would come feeling like the only one who ever survived the horrendous life I had led.

    Then, something happened after jumping into my first Step Study and continuing to come back week after week. I found I fit with most every group because I had exchanged my vices from alcohol and cigarettes to sex and now food. God delivered me from all those "taboo" vices, yet Food is an altogether different animal. You have to eat to live so I can't simply avoid it. I now have to face the truth about the root or core beliefs that I am trying to numb myself from.

    Had it not been for those faithful leaders/pioneers telling their stories of success and failures, I would never have learned that recovery is not about perfection and arrival. It is about a journey and relationship with Jesus.

    Being willing to surrender whatever vice or struggle to Jesus on a daily basis is the only way I can move forward and away from those behaviors that I felt ashamed of and the need to hide from others.

    I want to say "Thank you" brothers and sisters in Christ for being there for me. My prayer is that as I have grown the past 4 1/2 years, that I too have been an encourager to newcomers and oldies but goodies alike. God has set our course before us and will be faithful to complete it.

    I pray Blessings on CR as a ministry, and all the leaders who so faithfully serve. I pray for those God will continue to bring in and the leaders who will be there for them to receive encouragement from. May God's will be done in each of our lives as He brings healing, restoration, and new leaders to keep this ministry going. To God be the Glory!

    Your sister in Christ,


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