The Past is Not as Nice As We Think

Ever slip into that mind set of forgetting all He has done for you? Maybe you are in a tough season of life and feeling a pruning season in your life that just flat out hurts. Isn't it amazing how we can romanticize about the past? Man, those were the good ole' days, "life before recovery was so much fun" Funny thing is years from now, we can start doing the same thing for the season we are in right now. And "right now", we can't stand it. The Israelites did this as stated in Numbers 11:5-6 "We remember the fish we used to eat in Egypt...." Now, we just have the cruddy ole' manna! Man, if only the Lord had killed us in Egypt."Life used to be so much fun and better back in the day. (Oh you mean in the days where you were a slave, directed to hard, abusive and brutal labor?) Ah...yes, the sweet days of Egypt. NOT! :) As my kids would say today, "REALLY?!" The Lord has provided life for you and that is all you can say Rodney? The truth is, my past is not as nice as I can make it out to be in my mind. I tend to do this when in a season of growth and pruning with the Father. Today I want to be grateful for whatever He has provided. Even in the wilderness moments, I need to remember He is stretching my spiritual muscles because He trusts me to do so. I want to be grateful that He is providing for me and know that He will never let me go without or give me more than HE can handle for me in my life. If you are in a tough season, hang in there friend. He is about to grow you beyond your wildest dreams. For more information about Celebrate Recovery contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or


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