Dressing For Hot Temps in Church

Have you ever had one of those topics that you just would rather not have? Or worse yet, have to be on the receiving end of that conversation? Well...this is kind of like that. As the temperatures start rising, I want to challenge all of us to think about how we are dressing especially within the recovery setting and in the Church as a whole. Please take a few moments to watch this short video on dress during the summer. Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep this a safe place for all our attendees. To the regular attendees: We always want to show grace to those coming in new to the church/recovery meetings. As a sister to sister, or brother to brother, let's show grace but gently let our new friends know that this could be a trigger for one of our forever family. Then they will know how to dress for their next visit. Here are some things to think about before you dress. Potential trigger clothing items - Spaghetti straps - Skin tight clothes - "Low cut" shirts or blouses/sun dresses - Backless dresses or shirts - Short skirts or shorts - Halter tops - Anything that is see thru - Tight fitting pants, tops or clothes. Thanks again for helping us in this challenge as we try to stay cool in hot temperatures this summer. For information about Celebrate Recovery contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or roholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org


  1. Very good! Excellent topic. I had a friend in the past who actually quit going to one particular church because he felt that he was getting overly distracted by the way women--some women--were dressing. He gave me several examples of some very tight and short skirts. I am glad this is being addressed in a mature and forward manner, because I've struggled with this in the past, where my eyeballs do not want to behave. Thanks.

  2. Well done brother. I'm me focused when I show up. Your message has encouraged me to be others focused. (Which duh, is what I'm supposed to be.)


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