Willing Our Way When Stuck?

I was driving this morning in the ice and snow & I drove by the "Last Chance Liquor store" where I saw a man stuck in the ice. He had his left foot inside the car on the gas pedal and the other outside the vehicle on the ground trying to get out.  Scary picture..:
His back wheels were literally spinning in the ice. He was in a seemingly helpless situation. (Note: I couldn't stop cause the ice was slick and would have created a bigger mess. Don't judge me. 😊)

I couldn't help but think about how this parallels so many folks lives including my own for so long. 
We get stuck in the middle of a crisis in our life and with all our might, we attempt to 'will' our self to get out of the mess we are stuck in...but go at it all alone.
Fortunately, there is a better way. We have a Helper that can provide the strength we need. Only Christ's power can give me the traction to get out of my mess I may be stuck in. 

Are you stuck? You no longer have to spin your wheels or do this alone.
There is a better way and thankfully He is the God of second, third, fourth, fifth...chances.
Maybe it's time to stop spinning your wheels.
Don't let the fear of the unknown keep you from stepping through new doors of change. You may just find something fantastic on the other side that will bless your socks off.
“Those helped by… God are happy because they depend on the Lord their God." Psalm 146:5 



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