Remembering His Promises in the Dark

Are you feeling like you are in a dark spot right now? Feeling overwhelmed, lonely, struggling? Remember this, God knew you would struggle and wrestle with life in a dark world, so He sent His Son to humbly be born in a smelly manger, live a life here on earth to eventually die a brutal death. Why? Cause He didn't want you to stumble around in the dark anymore. (John 8:12)
He said, I will be your Light to grow you thru your dark times.
"Never doubt in the dark what God told you the light" Raymond Edman

This may be your test. Will you still love, trust, obey, worship Him in the midst of your darkness? Will you hold onto His promises?
Friends, He is coming back but, until then, He promises to be our Light thru dark times. 

That is why Christmas is such a good message of hope for us. He became flesh for YOU. He loves YOU so much that He wants to spend eternity with YOU. What a gift.

You are not alone. 
Have a blessed day


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