Why? Because we love You Lord

Reading about Noah in scripture and see how he was doing some things right. Scriptures say, “Noah was a pleasure to the Lord.”

Why? Because He loved the Lord, believed and trusted in His promises and he knew God would and could help him thru any and all problems. In fact God was so pleased with Noah and how his life goal was to please and show obedience to His Lord that He decided to start over with his family. God said, “I choose you and your family Noah.”

I am chewing on a question this morning, if the Lord were to start over today, would my family and I be one He would choose?

Is it my life goal to think about Him thru my day, serve Him, and be obedient to what His word says?

I am thinking about this in the context of recovery and what it is all about. Working the steps of recovery is not so we can ‘feel’ better about our self (although, that is a natural bonus in the process in many ways)

It is to bring glory and pleasure to God. “But it is just taking too long and I just don’t have the time to deal with my past”

Think about this, it took Noah 120 years to build an ark. Imagine the amount of perseverance, determination, trust and reliance on God’s strength it must have taken for Noah to get thru that.

Why are you doing this Noah? “Because God asked me to.”

Often in recovery I ask the same questions, why do this? Cause God asked me to & He deserves all of me. I can’t give Him all of myself until I remove the obstacles and barriers that are keeping me from worshiping, honoring, trusting and pleasing Him.

Are you struggling with the hope that He can change you? Believe in His promises, that God can help you thru any and all things and have faith in Him.

“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Hebrews 11:6

Take a step toward Him today. He will not disappoint you.

Rodney Holmstrom


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