Because of Christ...."Not Anymore!"

A friend of mine was sharing recently about going to do a routine CT scan heart check-up.
The nurse began preparing him for the CT scan by asking a few routine questions.
She asked him, "Do you have high cholesterol? His response? "Not anymore."
"Do you have high blood pressure? His response? "Not anymore."
"Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol?" His response? You guessed it, "Not anymore!"

The nurse, a little perplexed and very curious, finished the CT scan and then asked "How did you change all those things?"
He said, "I turned my alcohol, nicotine, eating disorder and many other character defects over to GOD, through Celebrate Recovery.
Because of those changes it lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol."
Even bigger, he said, "I now have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and walk daily with Him with hope with a changed heart."
Needless to say, the nurse was blown away and couldn't help but smile with this Good News.

Yes, the CT scan results are in and his heart is physically healthy. And spiritually? Well, it couldn't be better because "he admitted that he was powerless to control his tendency to do the wrong thing and that his life was unmanageable" without Christ.
His heart is now full with the Father's love, hope, joy and healing. Yeah God!!
What can you say "not anymore" to in your life because of Christ and the ministry of CR?

Rodney Holmstrom, CR Nat'l Assimilation Coach


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