Feel The Heat Or See The Light?

"Ok, I feel the heat now, time for change." Boy, isn't that the truth?! Can you imagine what it was like for the Egyptians to see millions of frogs in the kitchen cabinets, toilets, beds, food pantry, shower, BBQ grill, living room, wall to wall, frogs? Frogs ruled the country. I am not really fond of frogs. They just don't have that cozy appeal to me. They just sit there and breathe and kind of smell. And yet, Pharaoh was hard-hearted and stubborn as all get out. Finally, Moses even got tired of them cried out, "Lord please end this.." (Ex8:12) Then it got worse as the frogs died where they sat. Can you imagine?! Pharaoh didn't catch the hint and returned to his stubbornness when the pressure was lifted. Wow! What will it take brother? But then I realize I was the same way in my life. It wasn't when I saw the light but when I felt the heat that I was driven to action in my life. The funny thing is though, when the wave of “frogs” is lifted in my life, then I can tend to get comfortable and say "I think I got this whipped now. I don't need this recovery thing anymore." Then I divert back to what got me to the frog fest to begin with, "me, me, me". I now know that this recovery process is a life time process. We call that sanctification as a fancy word for steady growth as we seek Christ. I don't want to end up with a bunch of frogs filling up my life in order for me to wake up. I am prayerful that I will stay connected to His will daily so that I can hear my Masters voice and then have the humility to be teachable and grow in my mistakes so as to keep my side of the street clean. I promise the temperature will just keep rising if we don't face it now. Signed, Frog Face Holmstrom, Nat'l Assimilation Coach For more information about Celebrate Recovery, contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or roholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org


  1. I guess we can all relate that we could have "croaked" with all those frogs in our lives, but God in his amazing love and grace gave us another chance at life again to free us. And we cannot forget the frogs, the plagues that could have destroyed us and our purpose, either. Nor should I croak(grumble)about what I cannot change..nor to croak about what I can! But keep hopping on toward life:) You are not a frog face, brother!!!


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