You Have HOPE!

Sometimes the Holidays can be so tough. It can be a time when we feel like we are very alone and that while everyone else is enjoying family, we are by our self with no one to talk to.
The enemy is so bad about preying on that weakness and the wound that may be exposed in us.
The truth is though; none of us has to be alone. Even if we don’t have family at home, we do have family in recovery. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to stand alongside others and walk thru tough seasons.
Even if the Holidays are tough on us, we always have hope because we have a new family that God has placed in our life.
We have hope! Max Lucado defined Hope as “a zany unpredictable dependence on God” Are you feeling like there is no hope? That is a lie my friend. You and I do have hope thru our faith, love and hope in Christ. Hope gives us that feeling that what is wanted in our life actually can be had and that it will turn out for the best in our life. Christ will knock our socks off as He surprises us with His hope when we seek Him.
My prayer for each of us is that we will reach out to the group that is a gift of people He has put in our life. We can reach out to them thru the tough times such as holidays and valleys we may be walking thru.
But if you don’t have people around you in your life, know that you do now. Find a CR family near you and attend a meeting or multiple meetings if that is possible. They are your family and are waiting to embrace you, hug your neck, and let you know you are loved. They are waiting to cheer you on as you take steps toward freedom and true happiness no matter what your circumstances in life.
“Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24 NIV. You are loved my friend!
We have a group of people, fellow strugglers in life waiting for you. We are not perfect, but we do know the Perfect One and are ready to share His hope with you.
Blessed are those who seek Him.
We hope to see you this Holiday Season at CR. God is good all the time and all the time, God is good. Quit listening to those lies and come hear His Good News!

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