How Do You Really Feel?

Are you having a bad day? Does it feel like the world is coming down on you and you can hardly breathe? In these moments, the last thing I want to do is rejoice to the Lord. My mood may be down, or perhaps a tough situation is completely out of hand and out of my control. Or maybe my guilt or sorrow is overwhelming me and I just don’t have anything to rejoice about.
I know when my mom was really sick several years ago, I had some rough days in watching her struggle so much with her illness. I still have days of struggles even after she has died and gone to be with the Lord.
She has been gone 2 1/2 years and still last night one of those moments hit. I was going thru some old pictures and saw my sweet mom's picture. All the emotions came rushing back. Oh, how I miss my mom and felt sorrow in my soul for that. However, as I talk that out, I am reminded of so many blessed days with her and my heart is filled with so much joy knowing she is with the Lord in heaven now.

In reading the Psalms this morning I am reminded that I have a lot in common with the Psalmist. The encouragement for me in what I see is that they always told God how they really felt. They didn’t look for “fake” joy or “act” happy. If they were hurting or scared or whatever, they told Him how it was. No matter how bad things got, they were always honest with God. What is cool though is that as they talked it out with God, they always ended up ending the prayer with praise.

When I don’t feel like rejoicing, I know that I can and should tell God how I truly feel.
The beauty is that He ends up giving me a reason to rejoice.
God has given me this day to live and serve Him. CR has taught me this is in a big way.
Even though I can't talk to my mom on the phone or hug her or even sing to her as she used to love for me to do over the phone, I can still have joy. I have learned thru CR to embrace my feelings I am experiencing and feel what I need to feel instead of stuffing it and acting like it isn’t there. That is only a recipe for disaster when I do that.
I can know that because the Lord gave me a heart that hurts so well, I know He gave me a heart that loves so well. Even bigger, He loves me that much more.
Ps 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Be glad in it today my friend. Tell God how you feel today. He is big enough to handle it. Rejoice and be glad in what He has given us today.
Rodney, Nat’l Assimilation Coach

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  1. Thanks so much for this post. It is so like my memories and thoughts of my mother. CR has been a life changer for me. My Mom would have been so joyous @ my recovery and the close relationship with Jesus I now have.


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