People just don’t stumble into recovery groups

People just don’t stumble into recovery groups. They are usually there because of some kind of crisis that their addiction has created. Because of the intensity of their problem and the emotional instability involved the newcomer is always the most important person in the room. We as a group have the opportunity to intervene in this person’s life. We must not be involved in the drama of our own lives or the life of the group to the degree that we overlook the newcomers needs. There is no script to follow. The correct action is to be led by the Holy Spirit

As members of Christ’s body and as group members we should always be in a "state" of carrying His message. We keep in mind that the newcomer in our group is a person with real needs. We adjust the group to meet this persons needs. It’s not about the “life” of the group. Even though the life of the group is important it’s more about the life of the person. If our newcomer is born again it’s just about us hooking this person up to what they already have but have lost. That is an attachment to Christ within.

Hurting Christians need to become reacquainted with the facts. The facts are that the old person that they were is dead and a new creation exists within them. It is also a time to realize that this is made possible by what Christ has done for them at the cross and all that is needed is an acceptance of the facts. This is the truth that breaks addiction and sin in ones life. Through the cross comes life and a way that can be lived by. We are buried and raised with Christ. Pointing this out to the newcomer through our own personal testimonies and talks will make the difference.

We as a group must have a single message. The message is that we can not save ourselves. Freedom comes from Christ alone and his method of providing it. Backslidden Christians struggle with addiction and sin because the have forgotten who they are. So in a very real way we are dealing with complacency. Complacency is an enemy to the group and to the individuals who attend our groups. We must also guard against complacency within ourselves.

We as "oldtimers" share that we can not free ourselves from addiction by focusing on the addiction. We share that we can't fix the damage we have done by attepmting to fix it all on our own. Our confession is that it takes somebody way bigger and much stronger than us to do this. As we trust in the lord and the powers He destroyed at the cross our areas of concern line up with the spirit of God. Addictions are broken and relationships are healed.

by John Madden on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 7:35pm
Thanks for the good word John.

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