Guatemala thus far

Day 1 in Guatemala June 21, 2010

We traveled to Sunil Village in the mountains to see our old friend Hugo and |Suzzana who are missionaries there to help these great people.
What a great reunion it was to see our friends faces when we arrived in the village.
This day was about relationship building as we knew the scond day would be about working to replace the homes and roofs destroyed from the hurricane weeks ago. We wanted to create bonds so it would be easier to work together with our team and the villagers.
We first ate sack lunches in one of the homes of the villagers.
They went thru a great deal of trouble putting out the nicest table clothes they could find and decorated the room so we would have a nice place to eat. All the women and children were dressed in the finest clothes they had. Nothing like we see here in the states but it was the finest in there village. They wanted to honor us as their freinds. Wow! What a priviledge it was to be welcomed with such love and honor. We were the ones that were honored to be in their presence.
They set off firewords that they paid for with their own money. Remember they have next to nothing but spent some of their hard earned money to honor us. In this country when they set off fireworks it is for a great celebrations, birthdays etc. When we heard these going off upon our arrival, it brought big tears to many of our team memebers. Knowing what it cost. It reminded me of Mary giving her years worth of wage to wash Jesus feet with perfume to prepare Him for burial and Judas criticizing her for wasting it. She was honoring Him. Our friends were honoring us. Talk about humbling.
After we ate, we played soccer with new soccer balls that they may not have ever seen before.
You would not believe the incredible laughter and joy that was on their faces, children and adults alike. Wow, they work so hard to survive here and I think rarely have time to play.
People were laughing and playing and it didnt matter what nationality you were, they all loved and had fun with one another.

We then had a fiesta to celebrate our arrival with pinatas and that was a hoot to say the least as the kids charged the candy as it fell to the ground.
The people this time seem to have more joy in their faces. Not sure why. Maybe because some are noticing them and showing them love, maybe God is up to something big that we cannot even see. Don't know for sure but what a thrill to see it with our own eyes in action.

Tomorrow we work hard to repair houses roofs and gardening as well as clean up. Need much rest tonight to prepare for that.


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