Day three Guatemala

June 23, 2010

Today had to be the most physical by far for all of us on the team. We finished up teh remaining roofs and hauled wood that arrived by truck up the mountain to a widows home that was being built.
In total we carried pieces one by one up this mountain that would cause you to huff and puff just walking it in itself let alone carrying anything in your hands like large 1 by 12 peices of wood.
We literally felt like we were dying as we carried these pieces up this three quarter mile hike.
Then in a huge sense of being humbled, we would see this kids no higher than my knees walking up barefoot passing us on the hill to carry a piece of wood up the hill. Talk about humbling...

This took most of the morning into the afternoon to get this all loaded up the hill. Wow, we were exhausted but felt to good to know we had done a huge think in helping our friends build this new home.
The remainder of the homes got finished oofing.
In total 7 homes were roofed adn three new homes built in teh village. The pasotr Hugo told us that this was huge as what was accomplished in tow days usually would take some a life time to acquire if at all.
What a beautiful picture of community working together and God using everyone to work to a big plan.
We got to sit down with Pastor Augustine and share about CR. Baby steps for sure in this but I think he is really getting it and this could happen very soon. I cannot imagine what it would look like to see this vilalge and some fo the other 200 villages coming together to find healing thru CR wow.

The afternoon was so cool cause they put on a fiesta for us to thank us for helping repair and clean up their village. Icnredible time of worship and humility as they again set off fireworks. More to come in my next post......


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