Day two Guatemala

June 22, 2010

Today we arrived at the Sunil Vilalge again and began working on the roofs of the houses detroyed from the hurricane and volcano that erupted weeks earlier.
You would not believe the energy and excitement in all the people around 60 in total as we came to repair their broken homes.
We divided up in four teams and began working hard as team.
I am amazed at how hard every one of the team members worked to get this much needed work done.
As we were working on one house we noticed how much pride the man of the home took in making sure that it was done with great precision. He had four walls, a dirt floor and that was a about it but he was going to be a good steward of what was given to him and him family. Striving for excellence.
A great lesson in understanding that it is not so much what we have in abundance but that we use what we are given to honor Him.
The roofs went on pretty quickly once we got going and we had a such a blast doing it together. We laughed so much and to see these men who take their work very seriously laugh and have fun while doing an important task was such a blessing.

Susan and a selected team, Amanda, Carol, Taylor and Sherrie, to name a few began working on making a flower garden to dress up the ladies yard. When it was complete, you would not believe the pride she had in that garden. She was calling people from neighboring villages to see her garden. What joy she had. What a blessing. Kind of made me pause adn think whether I am grateful about what I have or am I alwasy looking for more and better things...
As the day neared the end and we were walking back to our vans it was so neat to look back and see so many shiny roofs, new and keeping their homes dry now. What a sight of God's blessing. But the real sight was in the smiles from the people.

We were all tired but oh so blessed to be a part of bringing some form of hope and repair to their village.
Relationships continue to get stronger with our friends and smiles getting greater by the minute as they see their village transforming.

Tomorrow we finish up some more roofs and help in building a home for a local widower. This home is up on the top of teh mojntain and all teh wood must be hauled by hand up there. Many peices of 1 by 12 sheets of wood. Very heavy and a very long haul. Better get some sleep.
We also have an opportunity to visit with the Village Pastor Augustine about CR and teh possibilities of starting it there for them and the surrounding villages.
Cool stuff.

God is so big and so good!


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