Impossible Things

This weeks Fellowship Bible Church Celebrate Recovery Devotional is brought to us by our CR Brother in Christ, Carl K.  Thanks so much Carl!
What are your Impossible Things?
“When I was younger, I did it for a half an hour every day. Sometimes I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!” (The Queen from Alice and Wonderland)     

I love this quote from Alice and Wonderland. The movie is strange, the book is strange. Yet it has some quotes and ideas that can easily be applied to life.  Take the quote noted above for example. Believing the impossible is something easily done by a child, but not so much by an adult. Is it because logic takes over and clouds our imagination or our ability to believe? Or is it because we become so jaded by life and its struggles that we can’t see that what seems impossible are really possible?  

During my time visiting prison or mentoring men who have been released from prison, I have heard time and time again them say something like this: “It is impossible for God to love me or change me. My addictions are too strong and my sin too deep. I can’t stop and praying to God won’t help.”  The sad thing for me is I have said this too about myself. Yet, God’s word says it’s not true.  One of the most quoted verses is Matthew 19:26 – “With God, all things are possible”. It’s used anytime someone wants to refute a comment from someone else that their life is in an impossible situation. Yes, it’s true, but what does that verse really mean?

Jesus made this comment to explain to his disciples that while the heart of man made it impossible for them to get to heaven on their own, all was not hopeless. Because, with God, Jesus noted anything and all things are possible. You see, the rich young man had just come to Jesus seeking to justify himself. He wanted to show that he followed the law and was a “good person”. Jesus saw right through this to his heart. He told him in the previous verses to give away his riches, follow Him, and he would have riches in heaven. But this made the young man sad because he was rich and loved the life his money gave him.  So he walked away from Jesus. After he left, Jesus went on to give the analogy that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven. I don’t believe He was saying being rich was evil. I think He was saying those who value their wealth above all else would struggle to accept Christ as Savior.

This was the rich young man’s problem – He wanted to be self-justified. He did not want God’s Grace to be his justification.  He could not give up his love of his wealth and put God in first place. His “addiction” to his wealth was the “impossible thing” for him to change in his life. So he turned his back on God’s Grace and walked away to his eternity, a separation from God forever.

For those with any kind of addiction, freedom from them seems like an “impossible thing”.  That is where Celebrate Recovery comes in.  It is a place where people can come together to find fellow strugglers who have come to believe the “impossible things” are possible.
Here, people find hope, love acceptance, and biblically based truths that help them to see that the impossible things are possible! These truths are derived in part from the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) and focus on our spirituality, God’s Mercy, and God’s Compassion. At CR they hear testimonies of life-change brought about by a relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is where God’s Grace and God’s love is evident. It is where the seemingly impossible dream of freedom from addiction becomes a reality.

  • What’s your impossible dream?
  • What freedom from hurts and addictions will never come true?

If you have these impossible dreams, it is time to see them come true.

Join a Celebrate Recovery Group and believe in the impossible. For “With God, all things are possible”. Come join CR and “Don’t leave till your miracle happens.”

Thanks again Carl!  Click HERE to listen to Impossible Things by Chris Tomlin, featuring Danny Gokey.

All for Him,
Kareena Holloway
Fellowship Bible Church
Celebrate Recovery E-Coach
In the desert, He was there.  On the mountain, He was there.
In the valley deep He was there.  
Everywhere I look, my God is there.  --"He Was There" --Crowder


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