Stop Feeding the Beast

I broke the clock. I felt ashamed and like a failure.
Isn't it interesting how "situations" in our past life can linger, creating a bunch of lies about who we are? 
Someone can bring a problem to me today and if I am still holding onto those lies that I am a failure, guess what? I go back to the kid that broke the clock. Then that creates problems in resolving even the smallest conflicts today.
Then I begin to feel ashamed, threatened, even sad, angry or afraid. Those misplaced emotions in that moment then lead me to respond in my old dysfunctional ways.

God is teaching me that when a problem is presented to me, stop and recognize where these feelings are coming from. If they are based on lies, I must not only reject those lies but then replace them with His truth. This can't be done alone though. I can do it with His help and those around me.
It is then that I can learn to let go of those past lies and begin living a new life of freedom un-handcuffed from past situations.
I am also learning that this is not a quick fix. It takes time but perseverance is the key. 

What past "situation" is feeding you lies? Remember, you and I were bought by the blood of Christ and His salvation provides all of us a brand new life full of peace, joy, & LIFE! Rev 12:11


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