Hidden Secrets...Energy Lost.....

Have you ever stolen something?

I had this question come up in my step group this morning and was reminded of a time in junior high. In the locker room someone left their wallet on the bench and I told another guy that I knew whose it was and that I would take it to him.
Guess what? I didn't. I noticed it had money in it so I pocketed it. Then the principal came to me and pulled me out of class since someone told him I had it in hand last.
"Did you take the wallet?" he asked. I told him I gave it to someone else I didn't know...."could you identify who it was if you saw him?" uh...sure.

So, we then proceeded to walk into every junior high class and let me step in to see if I could identify the "person". Yeah, its getting deeper in here...
The only problem was, I was "that person".
Talk about an exhausting hour of my life.  I know my teachers knew I did it but I held fast to my lie. I was miserable....
That's the thing with holding onto lies and trying to cover up my wrongs done with more lies and wrongs. It is exhausting and just chips away at every ounce of strength we have. When my energy is spent on hiding and covering up, it keeps me from the good stuff that God wants my energy to be put toward.
I am grateful for a process to be able to not only face yesterday's lies, cover ups and those joy killers, but to now live in a state of being honest and real today and into tomorrow.
Even though it seems too big for God to handle He says, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?" Mt 9:28
When I finally believed He was able to handle my junk, I started to see my life change.

Rodney Holmstrom


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