First Accept, Then Commit

"Do you Rodney, take (accept) this woman, Carol to be your wife?" 
I had to make a choice in my relationship with my wife to accept her before I would ever commit to her. 
In my relationship with Christ, as His bride, I am grateful that He gives me a choice. First, He accepts me, but then asks me the question, "Rodney, do you believe (accept) Me?" (Rom 10:9)
The answer to that question will determine what I do next. If no, then I will commit to all the other counterfeit stuff that screams to falsely fill the void in my life. 
But... If yes is my response, then I "commit" my life and will to Him. This is a one time event in inviting Him into my life for my salvation.
But it is a daily decision to say Lord, I "commit" today to ask for Your will for my life today.

What are you committing to today? He is pleading with you to accept Him and then commit to follow His will for your life today.  
Have a great day.


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