First leg complete

Wow! Where are we and what day is this?!? Time has stood still since arriving here and yet it feels like we have been gone for months. Missing my friends and family dearly.
We just got done saying goodbye to our friends as we wrapped up our first conference of the two. It is never easy to say goodbye.
Lots of hugs an lots of tears.
Imagine a generation of young adults that have now tasted what healing can be like once we submit our life and will to Him and His power.

Picture a group of men and women standing in a circle holding hands (mind you it is not acceptable for this to happen in public) praying, worshiping God. What we they praying for?
"We are the next generation and we can make an impact for life change. We can break the cycle"
That is one example of what is happening here!
Many people came up telling us that "we have been given hope that there can be a better life and freedom in Christ.
We are learning that we can share in safe group.
People came up sharing of praying at the cross about forgiving peole from many years ago.

God is moving in the Middle east. Many leaders are now about 3 months in in. Step group and lives are changing. Many leaders have agreed to step up and lead an new group once their group is complete.
We had the gift to pray over them.

Next step is to do a CR training.

I know this note is sketchy and all over the board but I am doing this from an airport and trying to be fast.

Please keep Praying. God is doing sonmuch work and sonmuch life change. Humbled that he is using this broken messed up guy to be a part of it.


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