April.....Trip update

I honestly was struggling at what day it was cause my sense of time and calendar gets flipped around with the time zone change. I cannot even begin to tell you effectively how humbled I am by what we are seeing after just one day of the conference.
When we arrived we heard how much God is moving before we even got started. The expected attendance number was around 140 people for this first conference. It grew to 240 and they had to change conference locations to accommodate. They had so many people wanting to register beyond that, that they had to close off registration. There was a waiting list for those to get in. Wow! God is working cause it wasn't sure many would be able to make it do to te turmoil they had been experiencing.
The ground is so fertile for God's word to be heard. Sometimes in the great trials of life, it is the best time to share His Good News.
Lifes Healing Choices is such a nice fit for what the people are struggling with. as one lady said, the window if opportunity is narrow and we need to jump in while we can.

We also learned that the entire conference is being videotaped, teachings and testimonials to be aired on tv across the middle East. Uh, can you say amazing!!?!? All believers and non will be watching this across the
M.E. Imagine the potential for life change.!!! To give you an idea, On another program they air has over 40 million viewers. Not sure if it will have the same number but even one viewer would be enough. :)

I had the privilege of sharing Choice 1 last night, the Reality choice. It was very well received. The sharing was In-Cred-ible!!'
There is so much hurt in our world. So much abuse, sexual, verbal, physical, and as a result of being hurt, Many that have hurt others.
I had the privilege to look these other men in the eye and the others in the group did the same, and see someone desperate to have His help to overcome their life's hurt, habit, or hangup. Many sexual sins that men struggle with and lots if abuse for the women struggling with.

During dinner afterward, I heard so many people talking of how glad they are they made it and the are all coming with expectant hearts for what He is going to do in their life. Just think, our team gets to be along for the ride.

Angela and Larry should be arriving this morning. I am anxious to see them.


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