Lord, I'm waiting

What is it that you are waiting for right now in your life? A child? A wife or a husband? A job? Restored health? Forgiveness? A new beginning? Someone in your family to turn from their sin and come to the Lord? Reconciliation with a family member? Do you sometimes come to the Father and want to know how long or ask Him why he makes the people he loves wait too long? Not everyone handles waiting the same way. Sarah could not wait--she thought the Lord was taking too long and she took matters into her own hands. Do you do that? Peter rebuked Jesus about going to Jerusalem and fulfilling the plan that the Father had for his Son. He did not pick up on the word “resurrection” did he? He had to wait until Christ was crucified to get the full meaning of the reason - and the importance of God’s timeline.
Look at David -- he learned to wait in a beautiful and in a strong way. He shows us how to wait with courage. Psalm 27:13-14 --Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage-yes wait on the Lord. Have you ever felt like the time of waiting will never end and you will not see the goodness of God until you get to heaven? David waited with hope. Psalm 25:5 --Lead me by your truth and teach me for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.. It was not about David’s agenda. While he was in the midst of being delivered from Saul - David was willing to bow to God’s time line. Psalm 31:14-15 --But as for me I trust You O Lord. I say you are my God and my times are in your hand. David is suffering, his strength is decreasing, and he says his body is wasting away. Vs 10-13 -I am forgotten, a dead man, I’m like a broken vessel0-terror is on every side, yet he still was willing to yield and wait upon God. He left the timing of when he would be delivered from his enemies up to God. He opened his hands and heart to God. Are you saying to God “ my time is in your hands- and I bow down to you in my times of waiting?” What do you say to God when He makes you wait? Did you know that when you are willing to bow your times of waiting to the Lord-- this is an act of worship to the Most High God? We grow weary and impatient, but he doesn’t. We lack strength and might--God is full of power. He desires to give His over flowing power to us. When and how do we receive it? It is when we wait upon the Lord. There is the promise that we will gain new strength -- supernatural strength. Isaiah40:28-31 - God has given us a magnificent promise -- “They shall mount up with wings like Eagles, run and not grow weary.” Things get stirred up, we become disappointed, and we become discouraged. Sometimes it means that we have to wait and wait. His arms are wide open to you and you can come to rest in Him. He wants us to wait on Him. He promises to gently carry you until your strength is renewed and you can continue to wait. Think about the person or the thing that God is wanting you to bow to His timeline. He knows what it is that you are waiting for. He is tenderly asking you, “Will you trust me and worship me by saying - my time of waiting is in your hands O Lord?”
Heavenly Father: we get so impatient and do not want to wait for anything. We want what we want now. We do not get to see the big picture of why it is we have to wait, but you do. Forgive us when we get impatient and we lose the bigger view of who you are and you know what we will have to wait for. Father, I am glad that you make us wait--what we fail to see is the times of growth, blessings, and protection that you place over us so that we do not make matters worse.. You are sovereign over time -- help us to be content to just wait in all areas of our life -- so your perfect will-- will be made complete in us. Strengthen us Holy Father. Amen
This week ask God to show you the areas of your life where you are being impatient and then ask Him to show you how to wait. Have a blessed week-- Janice CR Leadership


  1. Gail McConnell: Amen and amen to waiting. Waiting is not of the flesh; it is of the spirit. Waiting is not a character of self; it is a character of born again children. Waiting gets rid of the "I want it...and I want it now!" Why would I as God's child want anything that is not of His Will....even though I think I need it! That is how deceptive the flesh and self-centeredness and insecure self truly is! That is how I got myself into trouble and pain and suffering in the first place! Trying to be God and decide by my own rules. God is God! He is Father! He is Lord! Hello....I believe He knows best! If He wants me to have a raise or a job or a husband or a boyfriend or a home or a position in ministry....I believe....uh change that...I know that God has it all orchestrated in the heavenlies! All I have to do is WAIT ON HIM AND RENEW MY STRENGTH AS I WAIT BY SOAKING IN HIS WORD! I don't have to dwell in the land of the dead anymore and try to analyze and figure it all out. All I have to do is trust like a child and spend time with my Father. Now,lest anyone reading this tell me I sound self-righteous, let me be the first to admit that through most of my Christian walk I was self-righteous. I must bear witness to the truth that I did not want to wait on God. For a long time, I was sure that Gail knew best for God. For a long time, in my knowledge of the Word, I haughtily and arrogantly wanted to control God's will according to my way, my will, and my timing. I made very very very bad decisions through my insecurity, arrogant attitude, addictive behaviors and lie based thinking. My heart was its greatest deceiver (and still can be if I don't remember Who is in charge). That is why God warns to "guard your hearts".
    No, not the human heart of the physical body. God is talking about the heart conscience. The heart conscience whose root draws from the flesh nature is deceived; the heart conscience whose root by grace draws from the spirit nature is mature in Christ Jesus. This is not a logical process. It is supernatural. Ok then, so let us wait...even in the tears...
    even in the grieving process of moving through coming out of denial, feeling sad, feeling angry, bartering with God and finally coming to accept the reality....then fall head over heels in love with Jesus Christ through surrender. "Lord, I'm waiting"....this is my everyday vocabulary today. It is as natural as breathing. How can I prove it? I can't. It just is because He made it to be. Ahhh how sweet it is.

    Loving you all,



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