Victim or VICTOR?

What will you choose to be today? Are you living as a victor or a victim? A better way may be to ask, are you living as a victor or slowly dying as a victim?
It has been said, "A victim believes the world happens to them. A victor believes they happen to the world."
We either spend our energy blaming others or learn the wonderful truth of taking responsibility for how we will allow our circumstances to affect us.

Think about this, You can make a choice right now to become something better. Whatever your heart, mind and soul believes, guess what, you will become that with Christ's help.
If I believe I am a victim, I will most likely stay as victim.
What will you choose to become?
Come "BE" with us and become what God has called you to be, a child of the King.

Your walk toward living as a VICTOR starts here. Hope to see you tonight. 6pm Celebrate Recovery @ Fellowship Bible
Rodney  Holmstrom
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