Full Moons Are There Even When It's Cloudy

A couple days ago I was driving home and stopped at a stop light. I looked up through my sunroof of my car to witness the biggest and brightest full moon I have seen in a long time.
Immediately my response was, “Lord thank You for this full moon.” But as soon as those words left my mouth it dawned on me; what I really should be saying is, “Lord, thank You that you created the moon and chose to show it to me in its fullest in this moment.”

You see, this is what He taught me in this moment, whether He shows me the full moon, a half moon, a little slice, and perhaps at times none at all, the moon still exists and shines just as bright whether I can see it or not.
As I thought about this as it relates to my life and walk as a Christian, I am learning that there will be seasons of my life that He shows me big bright and visible evidence of Himself and then there are times it just seems like the clouds block Him out. The reality though is, whether I can see Him or not, no matter how dark the clouds are in my life on the worst of days, He is there and always will be.

Are you in a dark cloud kind of season? Having trouble seeing Him fully? Take heart friend, He is still there and has never left you. He promises to never leave nor abandon you. Just call out to Him in your darkness. Let His brightness fill your heart with hope and strength. He desires to pull you through your troubles because He delights in you as His treasure. Just ask Him.

“The righteous cry out , and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles. Ps 34:17
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Rodney Holmstrom
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