Removing the ROTTEN Apple

Ever bite into something and then realized it was rotten? I can remember doing this with an apple and I honestly couldn't get the pieces and rotten, mushy debris of apple out of my mouth fast enough.
Talk about a messy situation with a disgusting after taste.
Isn't it interesting to think about that if something rotten goes in our mouth, it's gotta be spit out? It just seems like a natural reaction doesn't it?
it's kind of the same with what we allow into our mind and heart.
What am I allowing myself to consume spiritually these days?
Someone once said, "Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out."
No matter how hard we may try, if garbage is going in, it's gonna come out and its never pretty when it does. The garbage leaves a bad taste in our mouth and a big mess in the face of those around us.

I love the process of CR cause it helps us to stop, recognize and evaluate those things that we may have left hidden for so long that continue to leave rottenness in our heart & on all those around us. CR helps us to get that nasty after taste out of our heart and replace it with a sweet aroma called life change.
Come see us tonight and maybe begin or continue the process of removing the rotten poison in your life. Christ has something much better for you to sample....His grace and mercy. Now that's something worth savoring!
Hope to see you tonight. 6:00pm, meal, worship, fellowship and lots of side hugs and high fives.  Celebrate Recovery @ Fellowship Bible

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Rodney Holmstrom


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