Be "You": I Love "You"!

There is an old Andy Griffith Episode where a Hollywood producer comes to Mayberry cause he wants to make a big film. Andy gives him a tour of the town and introduces him to all the great people. He absolutely falls in love and plans on returning to begin filming.
When he returned a few days later he found a town that was now unrecognizable. A town that completely changed but only on the surface.
The town now dressed, spoke, "acted", differently, and had completely changed the look of the town, all to impress the producer. They were trying to be something that just wasn't them.
Reminds me of how we can be in our faith walk. We are accepted and received just as we are but after Christ receives us, we think we have to do something to make Him more impressed with us. When in fact, He just loves us for us. 
He just wants us to be us, real and not put on a fake mask or costume that makes us look like something we are not. 
Truth is, growth will come, but He wants it to be genuine with real progress not fake and unrealistic perfection. He was faithful to bring us to this point in our recovery (life) and He will be faithful to carry us thru it in His timing.
"God, who has called you into fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful." I Cor1:9
Be you today and thank God that because of His grace, He loves and accepts us in spite of who we are in our sinful nature.
Rodney Holmstrom


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