The Snooze Button

I remember when my husband and I were first married. At night before going to bed, I would set my alarm clock for a solid half hour or more before I actually needed to get up the next morning. Each time the alarm would sound; I’d hit that snooze button and sneak in a few more minutes of “precious” sleep. As newlyweds, my husband was slow to inquire not having complete understanding of my ritual. Finally, one morning he asked why I set my alarm if I didn’t intend to actually get up at that time. He pointed out that I’d have better sleep if I simply slept until it was actually time to get out of bed. That was new information for me. I thought all along I was cheating time by hitting snooze and getting some extra sleep. It never dawned on me to set the alarm and when it sounded, get right up! I had hit the snooze button for years. In fact, I’ve hit the snooze button of life for years. I’ve put off projects, dreams, hopes, duties, responsibilities and privileges. I figured “it” could wait. There’d be time to deal with or experience “it” later. Here’s the rub, I wasn’t having the quality of life I could have had by neglecting or denying. I wasn’t completely fulfilling my purpose in life by hitting the snooze button and putting things off for another time. Sure there were alarms, signs or wake-up calls along the way. For example when I’d watch a movie about someone taking a risk and making their dreams come true, I’d tear up and sometimes have a good cry followed by a sigh of some day. Or more recently, when I watch reality shows where contestants compete in their dream field for a spot on their own show or a big fat check. I’d ask myself,” What’s it going to take for me to have the courage to go for it? What am I waiting for?” I pray, my final alarm has sounded. My last wake-up call has come and I am going to answer it! Yesterday, we lost a family friend in a tragic accident. He was on vacation with his family and will not be returning home with them. Their lives are forever changed. There is no more time to wait or put things off. Everything has changed NOW. Perhaps this devastating event is impacted by the fact that today; we celebrate my husband’s birthday. He turns the same age our friend would have on his birthday in four months. A birthday that will be remembered instead of celebrated. Through recovery, I’ve learned many lessons. The Eight Principles of Celebrate Recovery are keys to me. The Twelve Steps are footholds for my path. I don’t have time to hit the snooze button any longer! As I type this, I hear my son’s alarm going off for the third time this morning. It’s a tangible reminder. God’s promises, healing and grace will give me all I need to live my life fully awake, to have the courage to live the life He’s planned for me. I’ve lived for so many years only half awake while hitting the alarm of some day. TODAY is a day to start living! NO MORE SNOOZING for this girl. -A tribute to my husband Dave and to Alan P who lived life wide awake. Thank you. Daphne- Another Changed life For more information about Celebrate Recovery contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or


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